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Is the Marine Unit for you?

Is a job with Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit for you?

Officers within the Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit can work in a challenging and sometimes harsh environment for long periods. Can you:

  • handle working at sea for lengthy periods as part of a small team in often harsh and demanding conditions
  • enjoy a challenging workplace environment where duties are varied
  • deal with conflict situations
  • work in an armed environment
  • be comfortable wearing a uniform

Customs Marine Unit questionnaire - part 1

This part of the self-assessment involves a series of questions that you should ask yourself and answer honestly to see if you would be suited to this type of work. Tick the appropriate box beside each question. Would you be able to?

Participate in a comprehensive recruitment process including assessing your suitability through performance, psychological profiling and testing, health, fitness and security?     
Undertake a 3 month training program including live-in components with intensive learning (requiring out of hours study), on-the-job training and assessments?     
Demonstrate skill levels commensurate with the operational environment of the job -these include standard marine skills, use of force training including weapons training in a marine setting, understanding and applying legislation, personal and team behaviours suited to an enforcement environment?     
Wear a uniform and comply with all safety, operational and legislative requirements?     
Respond to a wide range of operational requirements, many unexpected, in fulfilling the tasking of the patrol, eg intercepting and searching and arresting illegal fishing vessels and crews, and dealing with people from other cultures who may be upset, abusive, and challenge your authority?     
Prepare statements for court proceedings and appear in court as a witness if required?     

Customs Marine Unit questionnaire - part 2

This part of the self-assessment involves a series of statements that can be used as a guide to further considering work as a Mariner for Customs Marine Unit.

Ask yourself whether each statement rings true for you, and tick the appropriate box beside it.

I enjoy working as a member of a team, am effective in working with others and have demonstrated this in my life to date.     
I have experience in working in a team(s) in challenging environments such as confined, isolated situations and am confident in my ability to perform well.     
If I was 'watching your back' in a team exercise you would be safe.     
I am the type of person who as well as doing my job, am always ready to help out and have had feedback to confirm this.     
I am the type of person who takes action when the situation requires.     
I weigh up alternatives quickly and take considered action.     
I am resourceful and flexible.     
I am not impulsive or reckless.     
My friends and family see me as someone who has a strong work ethic (as demonstrated at school, paid work or in the community) who takes pride in whatever I do.     
10  If I were to be recruited, my friends and family would be supportive of my choice to work in a law enforcement area of the Australian Customs Service.     
11  I have a level of health and fitness that would allow me to work in demanding marine environments.     
12  I know from experience that I do not get seasick (or am confident in my ability to manage it).     
13  People say I have a mature approach to situations.     
14  I am confident that I can make the many adjustments required by the extra demands that this type of work will place on my health, home life and lifestyle.     
15  My confidence is based on having experienced this already in my working career.     
16  I am confident in my ability to deal with stress/pressure and have a number of proven strategies that I use when things get tough.     
17  I know I can remain positive even if others are being negative or cynical.     
18  When things don't work out as I would have expected, I examine my own actions and consider what I have learnt from the experience rather than blaming others.     
19  I remain positive when under pressure and other people have noticed this about me.     
20  I see myself as optimistic and fortunate.     
21  I can persevere and see things through even when I'm tired i.e. long shifts / no breaks, or when things aren't working out as I would have hoped.     
22  I am able to stay calm even when people around me are upset.     
23  I am not afraid of conflict.     
24  I know I can control myself when others lose their temper.     
25  I see myself as emotionally strong.     
26  I can take things in my stride and am not usually irritated by small things.     
27  My friends and family would say that I do not act impulsively even when irritated.     
28  I know I can control myself when others lose their tempers or the situation gets tense     

It is likely that you might have the attitudes and experience that match the role requirements of being a Mariner in the Customs Marine Unit.