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To protect Australia's borders and foster lawful trade and travel.

Information Publication Scheme

Part 2 of the FOI Act establishes the Information Publication Scheme for Australian government agencies subject to the Act. The IPS commences on 1 May 2011 and requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their websites, and to make that information available online where possible. To find out more about the Information Publication Scheme see Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's FOI Fact Sheet 4

The Customs and Border Protection is an agency subject to the FOI Act and is required to comply with the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requirements

Agency Plan

The Customs and Border Protection has prepared an Agency Plan as required by s 8(1) of the FOI Act. The Plan describes how Customs and Border Protection proposes to implement and administer the IPS in respect of its own information holdings

Who we are & what we do

Please note that copies of documents listed in the Operational Material Publication List can be requested by contacting the FOI Coordinator and quoting the IPS Reference Number

Our priorities

Our finances

Our lists

Our Submissions

This may include submissions made by Customs and Border Protection to Parliamentary coommittees, the Productivity Commissioner, the Australian Law Reform Commission and other agencies

Our Policies

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Other Documents

Routinely requested information

This will include information in documents to which Customs and Border Protection routinely gives access in response to FOI Requests

Customs and Border Protection will be monitoring the requests received by the agency to determine the type of information that is routinely requested

Disclosure Log

Under section 11C of the FOI Act, agencies are required to publish information contained in documents to which the agency has provided access under the FOI Act. This information is contained in the agency's FOI Disclosure Log


Where Customs and Border Protection undertakes public consultation on specific policy proposals information will be included here as to how and to whom a comment may be submitted by members of the public

Contact us

Customs and Border Protection offices

Further information in relation to Freedom of Information and the Information Publication Scheme can be obtained from:

FOI Coordinator
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Customs House
5 Constitution Avenue