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migrant concessions

As a first-time migrant or returning Australian resident, you are entitled to bring back with you to Australia, duty and GST free, all your personal and household effects that you have owned and used for the whole of the period of 12 months immediately preceding your departure for Australia.

Certain items are expressly excluded from the definition of "personal and household effects" and are subject to other requirements. These include:

  • motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts
  • caravans, boats and trailers
  • aircraft
  • machinery, plant and equipment
  • and fur apparel.

As part of the Australian Government's efforts to promote a high standard of integrity in international business transactions, Customs and Border Protection reminds travellers that the bribing of foreign officials is a crime prosecutable under Australian law. The criminal penalties are significant, and include the possibility of imprisonment. For more detail on this issue, visit the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department's web site.

emergency call service numbers in Australia

Emergency number in Australia is Triple Zero (000)
Emergency Call Service number in Australia is Triple Zero 000