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Customs procedures for importing and exporting

The Import/Export section of the Customs and Border Protection website is currently being upgraded. Some of the documents that were previously available on the site have been removed. These documents will be updated or replaced to reflect Customs and Border Protection procedures and policies.

Should you require further information relating to importing or exporting goods please contact the Customs Information and Support Centre on 1300 363 263 or send an email to 

Customs Import/Export Documents

PDF document Documentary Import Declaration Guide (January 2013)

PDF document Self Assessed Clearance Thesaurus Version 1 (25 July 2005)

Prohibited and restricted imports

Information Sheet - seizure of prohibited/restricted Imports

Prohibited and restricted exports

Exchange rates

Guidelines for completing Tariff Advice applications (B102)

PDF document Export Control (Vol 12) (604KB)

Tariff Concessions (Vol 13)
Volume 13 is currently under review.