Careers in Customs and Border Protection

What you will find on the website

All current vacancies and related job documentation are listed on the Customs and Border Protection website.

You will also find profiles and real life experiences from Customs and Border Protection Officers, to give you an insight into the diversity of roles available within Customs and Border Protection.  We hope that these profiles give you a greater understanding of the roles you may wish to apply for and assist you in writing your application.

How to join

People join Customs and Border Protection through the following methods:

  • General recruitment (above entry level) as particular jobs become available.
  • Customs and Border Protection Trainees
  • Customs and Border Protection Graduate Trainees
  • Indigenous Cadets (through APSC pathways)
  • Torres Strait Island Marine Trainees

The majority of recruitment at entry level is through the Customs and Border Protection Trainee program.  A number of roles are filled above entry level (particularly Canberra positions, specialist positions and some management positions).

For more information on particular methods of recruitment, what roles are available and how to apply, please click on the links on the left hand side of the screen.


To join Customs and Border Protection you must be at least 18 years of age, an Australian citizen and undergo a medical and security assessment and meet the required standard.

Information on conditions can be found in the  Customs and Border Protection Enterprise Agreement.

Are you interested?

Customs and Border Protection has identified characteristics we require all our staff to demonstrate.  A workforce with these characteristics, and reflecting the cultural diversity of the community, is central to Customs and Border Protection’s ability to continue to meet the business challenges of the future.

If you:

  • are goal-oriented and committed to continuous improvement;
  • are flexible, adaptive and creative in solving problems and dealing with change;
  • have a strong sense of personal ethics and honesty;
  • can effectively organise and plan;
  • have leadership potential or demonstrated leadership ability;
  • think in an abstract and analytical manner;
  • demonstrate sound interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills and thrive working as part of a team; and
  • enjoy working with technology

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