Complaints and compliments

Your feedback is valuable to Customs and Border Protection and helps us to provide better service.

As a part of our commitment to continually improving our service to industry and the community, we have established a national system for collecting and actioning client feedback.

Our Complaints and Compliments Management System ensures that we handle all complaints and compliments in a consistent way, and that we action them appropriately. Our Complaints and Compliments management policy is online.

Read our Complaints and Compliments brochure and our Client Service Charter and Standards brochure.

How do I make a complaint or offer a compliment?

If you have any comments you would like to share with us, please:

  • telephone our Complaints and Compliments Unit on Freecall 1800 228 227
  • email us
  • write to us at 'Australian Customs & Border Protection, Complaints and Compliments Management Unit, Reply Paid 86251, MELBOURNE, Vic 8060'
  • speak to a Customs and Border Protection officer; or
  • fill out an electronic feedback form.

If we do not acknowledge your communication within five working days, please call to ensure that the comment has been received.

Referring complaints to the correct agency

If your feedback relates to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (for example, importing and exporting goods by air, sea or post), complete the Customs complaints and compliments form.

If you wish to take your complaint outside of the department please contact the relevant agency:

Australian Federal Police

If your feedback relates to services provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) go to AFP Feedback and Complaints

Example: conduct or actions of individual AFP appointees; practices and procedures of the AFP

 Department of Agriculture

If your feedback relates to services provided by the Department of Agriculture go to Department of Agriculture Compliments and Complaints

Example: animal and plant biosecurity; import and export inspection and certification; biosecurity at international airports, seaports, mail exchanges and container depots

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

If your feedback relates to services provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (for example, visa requirements for people who want to visit, work or study in Australia) go to DIBP Compliments and Complaints modified: 10 February, 2014 4:24 PM