standardised data set project - introduction

With Customs as the lead agency, the Standardised Data Set (SDS) Project is a whole-of-government exercise to establish a common platform for the submission to government of import, export and transit data. As part of the Maritime Security Review conducted in 2004, Australian Customs put forward a proposal for a Standardised Data Set (SDS) and the proposal was approved with Customs being instructed to proceed with the SDS project as a matter or urgency. Customs have been given until 31 October 2005 to present the two deliverables for the project which are:

  • Development of the Standardised Data Set (SDS)
  • An options paper in the form of a business case for a domestic Single Window for international trade building on the Australian SDS.

The SDS Project team has identified 59 government agency stakeholders and 30 industry stakeholders. All of these stakeholders require data or submit data for the purposes of international trade, including the movement of crew and the gathering of statistical information. The benefit of having an agreed common data set and a system where information is submitted once and used many times is evident. Industry is also an extremely important partner in this project and their input will be sought on proposed options to ensure that their benefits are realised. modified: 3:03 PM 18 May 2006