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standardised data set project - project approach

In developing the Standardised Data Set the SDS team will:

  • Conduct data analysis of individual agencies' international trade data requirements
  • Harmonise those data requirements with the WCO Data Model
  • Produce an SDS that will facilitate the build of a Single Window

At the same time we will be working on the Single Window business case, which will involve:

  • Developing models to support further analysis of the options
  • Undertaking cost benefit analysis for the options
  • Identifying the degree to which integrated risk assessment can be achieved for each option
  • Identifying the development phases and timings for a Single Window
  • Identifying options for how the implementation of a Single Window will be governed

Next we will:

  • Compile the Single Window business case
  • Consult with stakeholders on the results
  • Submit the results to Government

This document is a PDF document Project Approach Diagram (25KB)