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Enhanced Trade Solutions 2015

Response to the Customs Strategic Outlook 2015 for the end to end cargo environment

Customs and Border Protection has now completed an evaluation of the Enhanced Trade Solutions proposal.  The evaluation identifies key findings arising from the Enhanced Trade Solutions work to date and a forward work program for 2009 - 2011.

As companion documents to the Enhanced Trade Solutions 2015 paper, also released are reports on the Authorised Economic Operator Pilot Project and the Customs to Customs Data Exchange Proof of Concept.

In developing the forward work program, Customs and Border Protection has adopted a cautious, pragmatic and risk-based approach, recognising that current global economic uncertainty has focussed investment priorities towards initiatives that will deliver clear realisable benefits in the short term.

The forward work program focuses on refining Customs and Border Protection's cargo intervention strategy, improving risk management capabilities and continuing working with industry, other government agencies and through international forums, to address challenges and opportunities in the trade environment where clear business cases are identified.